In direct communications with Standing Rock representatives, we have compiled a list of the supply needs for multiple camps at SR on ground now.



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Receiving Donations until-

End of February 2017


Hanson (San Francisco)
Chelsey (Santa Rosa)


Items in Need:

Already received items will be mentioned as such.


1.Lev Woolf (StandingRock)

On behalf of his camps, Lev asks The Buddhist Tinkers to help acquire the following:

  • Chemical masks/gas mask adequate for tear gas, leg protectors for motorcross shin guards etc, funds for plexiglass to make shields.
  • We need builders very badly.
  • We need a truck repaired that is stuck in wyoming, but really
  • funds of $2300, for Sam with medical, so he can pick up 4 generators and have them brought here and use the truck for medical. He is power and logistics for med (generators are - hydrogen adapted- one is 8000,- 12k peak, the rest are 4k).
  • Absolute cold weather gear
  • Sorrel lined boots
  • Deep cold gloves
  • Trauma and PTSD counselors
  • General Medial care of any kind

2. Hanson Lee

I will be returning to Standing Rock using my construction and engineering background to answer the spiritual leaders’ call to build up to 300 heating devices--using junkyard materials--for teepees, kitchens, toilets as the bitterly cold North Dakota winter rushes in.  My “Buddhist Tinkerers Troupe” is leaving the warmth of San Francisco Saturday, December 3rd.

Winter is rapidly approaching so the need is urgent.  The need is for funds to purchase necessary equipment and to transport them to North Dakota.