Our Allies

Standing Rock Water Protectors

The people who stand for us day in and out.


"The Dakota Access pipeline threatens everything from farming and drinking water to entire ecosystems, wildlife and food sources surrounding the Missouri. The nesting of bald eagles and piping plovers as well as the quality of wild rice and medicinal plants like sweet grass are just a few of the species at stake here. We ask that everyone stands with us against this threat to our health, our culture, and our sovereignty. We ask that everyone who live on or near the Missouri River and its tributaries, everyone who farms or ranches in the local area, and everyone who cares about clean air and clean drinking water stand with us against the Dakota Access Pipeline!"- www.SacredStoneCamp.org
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Currently an active partner in sharing the word and accelerating the passing of resources to Standing ROck.

"What is needed instead is a spiritual transformation of the very surround in which we experience one another, an elevation of the social space that we inhabit that will permit us to confirm each other’s essential good, high-spirited, and loving nature and to gradually gain the confidence that the longing for mutual recognition that we each feel within ourselves is also felt within everyone around us."


African American Chamber of Commerce



In moral alliance, the Far East Director of Business Relations, Hanson Lee has been providing support from the AACC to Standing Rock in every trip.


St.John Coltrane African American Orthodox Church

In a deeply noble fashion, The Arch Bishop FrAnzo King has put himself forth as a supporter of the Buddhist Tinkers.

Allowing the Buddhist Tinkers to share our mission with his congregation and use his shared Church for the benefit of the projects that B.T. maintain.

Love Family Farm

     Running a completely organic farm with barely a team of three constant people, the power couple Jonah and Tara Love raise heritage breed Pigs fed from acorn trees.

     Ash and Hanson have delivered some of their pig meat to Standing Rock to support the Water Protectors in January and February 2017.

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Ash is a proud RDA Instructor and is one of two female Rope Dart Instructors in America. She teaches around the Bay Area.

     Founder Frank Hatsis, created and standardized the English Dart vocabulary which formalized the language that is used to communicate to one another about the Dart.             Watch RDA Videos here
    Now a full teaching Academy with workshops occurring weekly in multiple states, most RDA classes happen in New York and Boston.

     Some of the Instructors compete and win in Rope Dart Martial Art Competitions to demonstrate finesse and push the limits of the teachers themselves.

                        ~May we all stay students~


Future Focus

Ever expanding, ever continuing to do our best providing branches of community support to the Activists and Artists doing work on ground now. This list of Allies will grow.