Day 4 at Standing Rock

    Greetings all,

      Our journey is well on its way, To recap:
     The Buddhist Tinkers traversed a 36 hour journey through 1500 miles of variety terrain America to arrive in North Dakota at 4 am to biting snow winds and dark nights. All of this wintery strife is alleviated upon meeting Standing Rock and we are welcomed into the community experience. 

     Now in full work mode every day helping with various activities of deconstruction and camp cleaning. These people need all the help that they can get. We are still asking people to come and help with the clean up and of course due to the pressure of a FEB 22nd Closing State for the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) 

     The Environmental Impact Statement is a formal draft of the overall plan of the Dakota Access Pipeline and a environmental survey that would make an assessment of the potential related negative affects that the pipeline would place upon ecosystems.
     Bald Eagles nest along the Cannonball river and Turtle Island housesa family of beavers. A glorious unbroken river and lush ecosystem flourish in the relatively unchanged terrain. All of this and the animal lives unmentioned are at risk of the removal of literally millions of tons of construction rock debris and return fill with a long barren streak to mark the earth as a scar. All of the flora and fauna lives caught in its path - removed.

     While typing this post, I am enjoying the well rounded view of Lee Sprague, an Instructor at Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College that is currently a Wildlife restoration Special and Wild Rice Harvester who has quite a lot to say on the exact toll that such a measure would make upon the surrounding life. Such interviews will be on the website once we can formally organize our affairs to concise delivery.

     With a pensive yet determined attitude- we will return again and are already planning a fourth trip to Standing Rock. This will be a very long journey and its been an honor to meet all the other stoic members of forward progress on ground. With encouraging words ever in our ears its very easy to keep a positive attitude despite the very daunting challenged in our minds on a day to day basis.

Still gathering information, still working every day sun rise to beautiful sunset, I will return to write when the pieces line up.

Thank you for reading.


Photo Credit to Wild Rice Restoration Specialist Lee Sprague

Photo Credit to Wild Rice Restoration Specialist Lee Sprague