Successful FundRaising, Two Spirit Nation Powwow

Hello friends,

     This is Ash speaking today and I am very happy to be speaking to you.

     The Buddhist Tinkers have finished our lovely gift to the TwoSpirit Nation today at the BAAITS Feb 4th Powwow at The Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. Our very lucky fundraising boost allowed us to give the Two Spirit Nation a gift of art that I made.

     At the Two Spirit Powwow many native American Indian Nations came together and in a dazzling array of style and culture expressed stoic uniqueness with compassionate solidarity. There were many times I became choked up in the displays of unity all around me- so many people dressed in their fierce finery, Boldly representing their heritage and continuity today.

Thank you BAAITSfor holding space- with over 1000 attendees, the Bay Area clearly needs you.