Cold Water Rescue Team Floods ND Governors Office LIVESTREAM


Hello All, Ash here.

     I am so happy to bring news of a new action occurring in Bismarck North Dakota.

     Our good friend Lee Sprague we met on SR site who has joined the BuddhistTinker team is facing the Governors Office of North Dakota to demand fair law practice and is Live Streaming the whole encounter to display his demand for Justice.
     Beginning his well calculated legal rebuff, Lee provided all information into this article which perfectly outlines the literal authority abuse that he and his team have experienced and well documented at the hands of the Morton County Police Dept.

Lee Sprague, a Cold Water Rescue Team leader from Michigan who provides community rescue aid to the Water Protectors that are forced into harms way by the Morton County Police Department (water cannons, LRAD, Rubber Bullet Shotguns and pepper spray.) Lee owned a small fleet of perfectly functioning rescue canoes and all of them were illegally seized and destroyed by the MCPD. Lee is an honorable and well decorated member of the Native Nations with a long history of conscious activism and an education in Law so he is going after the MCPD. Tomorrow he is hosting a LiveStream of him and some WaterProtectors going into the North Dakota Governors Office to pursue his legal action against the MCPD.

The date of the incident on the article is the only wrong piece of information on the page. The actual date of the incident is 11/25/16. The article states that the breach of justice occurred on the day before Thanksgiving on 11/24/16.

     If you wanted to share the article or simply let people know that this article exists we would be most grateful and we will post the live stream on all available outlets to us because we want to see the corrupted authority figures to be brought to justice.

Watch the LiveStream Tomorrow, 12pm Central time, 1pm MTN time, 2pm Pacific time and 11am Eastern Time.

Heres the link!

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