Support the Dive$t from DAPL movement Tuesday-Feb 28th-

     We the Buddhist Tinkers are so proud to support the many different branches of the peaceful resistance of Dakota Access Pipe Line. Divesting from the pipeline is preventing it and the more that we push the more that people come along.
From the Facebook Event page:

     ""As of December 31 2016, San Francisco’s Pooled Fund had about $823 million invested with financiers of DAPL, and more than $10 billion in City funds managed by Bank of America.

In mid-Februrary, the indigenous-led San Francisco Defund DAPL Coalition asked a couple of the more progressive San Francisco Board of Supervisor members to work with the Coalition on a divestment ordinance. While supportive, they have expressed to the Coalition that they are at capacity and cannot sponsor the ordinance. We appreciate those Supervisors’ support, but are saddened that they do not share our sense of urgency. We want to remind the SF Board of Supervisors--and any other elected officials across the country who have been approached to divest from DAPL--of the urgency of this moment.

The Army Corps of Engineer set February 22nd as the deadline for Water Protectors to evacuate Oceti Sakowin camp, a camp completely within the boundaries of the Great Sioux Nation as defined by the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty. As we speak, Water Protectors are deep in prayer, preparing their minds and bodies for a violent law enforcement raid as the Army Corps, North Dakota Law Enforcement, the National Guard, the BIA Indian Police, and DAPL mercenaries surround the prayerful camp.

Join us in asking the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to work with the SF Defund DAPL Coalition to pass an ordinance divesting city funds from the DAPL. Reach out to us through our Facebook page if you want to make a public comment in line with our platform, especially if you are indigenous.


K KFI Kansas City Community Radio Interview!

After all of the Buddhist Tinker interviews that we have captured from other people finally K KFI is interviewing us!

Hanson Lee and Ash of the Tinker Team are being interviewed by the hosts of this 100,000 watt Radio Station where we will be filling the Kansas listeners in on our plans to return to Standing Rock and our Bus Tour.

Listen in tomorrow! 1pm Pacific time, 3pm Central time!

Lee Sprague pre-action LiveStream Declaration


Click the above link to be led back to our Buddhist Tinker Facebook page to watch the set up of Lee stating his intentions to pursue justice on behalf of his destroyed Rescue Canoes. As of this moment, Lee is driving to the North Dakota Governors Office where we can watch the second half of this video as soon as he arrives. Expect us with a new video within the hour!

Cold Water Rescue Team Floods ND Governors Office LIVESTREAM


Hello All, Ash here.

     I am so happy to bring news of a new action occurring in Bismarck North Dakota.

     Our good friend Lee Sprague we met on SR site who has joined the BuddhistTinker team is facing the Governors Office of North Dakota to demand fair law practice and is Live Streaming the whole encounter to display his demand for Justice.
     Beginning his well calculated legal rebuff, Lee provided all information into this article which perfectly outlines the literal authority abuse that he and his team have experienced and well documented at the hands of the Morton County Police Dept.

Lee Sprague, a Cold Water Rescue Team leader from Michigan who provides community rescue aid to the Water Protectors that are forced into harms way by the Morton County Police Department (water cannons, LRAD, Rubber Bullet Shotguns and pepper spray.) Lee owned a small fleet of perfectly functioning rescue canoes and all of them were illegally seized and destroyed by the MCPD. Lee is an honorable and well decorated member of the Native Nations with a long history of conscious activism and an education in Law so he is going after the MCPD. Tomorrow he is hosting a LiveStream of him and some WaterProtectors going into the North Dakota Governors Office to pursue his legal action against the MCPD.

The date of the incident on the article is the only wrong piece of information on the page. The actual date of the incident is 11/25/16. The article states that the breach of justice occurred on the day before Thanksgiving on 11/24/16.

     If you wanted to share the article or simply let people know that this article exists we would be most grateful and we will post the live stream on all available outlets to us because we want to see the corrupted authority figures to be brought to justice.

Watch the LiveStream Tomorrow, 12pm Central time, 1pm MTN time, 2pm Pacific time and 11am Eastern Time.

Heres the link!

Thank you so much, 



Day 4 at Standing Rock

    Greetings all,

      Our journey is well on its way, To recap:
     The Buddhist Tinkers traversed a 36 hour journey through 1500 miles of variety terrain America to arrive in North Dakota at 4 am to biting snow winds and dark nights. All of this wintery strife is alleviated upon meeting Standing Rock and we are welcomed into the community experience. 

     Now in full work mode every day helping with various activities of deconstruction and camp cleaning. These people need all the help that they can get. We are still asking people to come and help with the clean up and of course due to the pressure of a FEB 22nd Closing State for the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) 

     The Environmental Impact Statement is a formal draft of the overall plan of the Dakota Access Pipeline and a environmental survey that would make an assessment of the potential related negative affects that the pipeline would place upon ecosystems.
     Bald Eagles nest along the Cannonball river and Turtle Island housesa family of beavers. A glorious unbroken river and lush ecosystem flourish in the relatively unchanged terrain. All of this and the animal lives unmentioned are at risk of the removal of literally millions of tons of construction rock debris and return fill with a long barren streak to mark the earth as a scar. All of the flora and fauna lives caught in its path - removed.

     While typing this post, I am enjoying the well rounded view of Lee Sprague, an Instructor at Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College that is currently a Wildlife restoration Special and Wild Rice Harvester who has quite a lot to say on the exact toll that such a measure would make upon the surrounding life. Such interviews will be on the website once we can formally organize our affairs to concise delivery.

     With a pensive yet determined attitude- we will return again and are already planning a fourth trip to Standing Rock. This will be a very long journey and its been an honor to meet all the other stoic members of forward progress on ground. With encouraging words ever in our ears its very easy to keep a positive attitude despite the very daunting challenged in our minds on a day to day basis.

Still gathering information, still working every day sun rise to beautiful sunset, I will return to write when the pieces line up.

Thank you for reading.


Photo Credit to Wild Rice Restoration Specialist Lee Sprague

Photo Credit to Wild Rice Restoration Specialist Lee Sprague



Successful FundRaising, Two Spirit Nation Powwow

Hello friends,

     This is Ash speaking today and I am very happy to be speaking to you.

     The Buddhist Tinkers have finished our lovely gift to the TwoSpirit Nation today at the BAAITS Feb 4th Powwow at The Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California. Our very lucky fundraising boost allowed us to give the Two Spirit Nation a gift of art that I made.

     At the Two Spirit Powwow many native American Indian Nations came together and in a dazzling array of style and culture expressed stoic uniqueness with compassionate solidarity. There were many times I became choked up in the displays of unity all around me- so many people dressed in their fierce finery, Boldly representing their heritage and continuity today.

Thank you BAAITSfor holding space- with over 1000 attendees, the Bay Area clearly needs you.

Absolutely no time to lose!

     A distress call from Standing Rock hits the Buddhist Tinkers late Thursday night that StandingRock is in jeopardy.
      Donald Trumps executive order states that the camp that supported many thousands of Water Protectors and peaceful Activists must be disbanded and sent home. In a panic, this action of Trump forces the hand of the already stressed community to further thin and with a skeleton work force the Water Protectors need our help-

With less than 5 days notice Hanson Lee has pushed the Tinkers to action. While we are there we will simultaneously be recording video and audio of the beautiful voices and people resisting.

We are enough and we can do this- United as One

Buddhist Tinkers