Multi-ethnic and in love with the Human Experience- we see our work as a living prayer to serve the human imperfection in all of us.

Gratitude to Eric, the Lakota Spirit Talker, who shared with us his peoples beautiful view on human equality.


Buddhist Tinkers are a Community Aid Organization that offers long term sustainable energy solutions to groups of people looking to liberate themselves and gain independence.

     In perfect peace, The Buddhist Tinkers do not and will never engage in any form of violent protest. We are not here to demand judgement for other peoples karma, instead we provide the means for communities in moral action to have relief in whatever peaceful form of need the group may need at the time.

     Eternally creative we arrive on site to provide assistance in the form of volunteering, resource management of donated items like clothing and food, building shelters, providing independent energy sources e.g. Solar and Wind Turbines.