Hearing Standing Rock- straight from the loving people on ground today.

Hearing Standing Rock- straight from the loving people on ground today.

Buddhist Tinkers bring SF Bay View News Van to San Francisco City Hall at the Dive$t from DAPL Coalition demonstration. Our small tinker-made News Van hits the streets to bring the news to the people. See whats happening now at our websites below www.BuddhistTinkers.com www.SFBayView.com

Standing Rock Interviews

Thomas Yellow Horse Davis

Speaking with us on some of the history of Standing Rock and his own lineage, Thomas shares his view with Ash.

Feb,10th, 2017 at Red Lightning Dome at Standing Rock, North Dakota

Timothy Powers

A team builder who has been at Standing Rock for months who shares with us some of the current issues facing the camp today.

Interviewed inside the Standing Rock ,Oceti Sakowin Tool Library.


Lev Woolf SR

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     On Jan 31st 2017 the The John Coltrane African Orthodox Church gave the gift of their support by hosting a conversation with Lev Woolf, Marcos, two on-site Activists, and the Buddhist Tinkers to share their voices on the day to day of the Standing Rock Water Protectors.
     The Buddhist Tinkers are coming out to help with the removal of waste camp material and to build new lodging on Sacred Stone property.

An eloquent and soulful man, the Arch Bishop Speaking on the importance of social justice and Standing Rocks mission. Allowing the listener to have some background on what the Buddhist Tinkers stand for- how Hanson has been supporting the rights to all humanity for many years and how the Water Protectors are standing for the rights of every man, woman, child and animal in America Today. Water involves us all.

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Hanson Interviews Gavin Newsom

(Action video to the left)
We ask for all people to call, or send an email to get Gavin Newsom to follow through and help search for any surplus gas masks to be given to the Standing Rock Water Protectors. Right now Wells Fargo has a financial investment in the Dakota Access Pipe Line and is funding some of the legal and aggressive mercenary action against the Water Protectors. San Francisco is one of the home cities to Wells Fargo and Hanson Lee pushes Gavin Newsom to provide a little assistance to the good people protecting Standing ROck today by helping us find and procure Gas Masks.

(Full Interview Below)