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money doesnt grow on trees but leaves do...

With our love effort bleeding through our wallets we humbly ask for assistance in continuing to invest our time in our projects.

Through Hansons GoFundMe we have been able to keep our projects above water and a third Standing Rock trip in our future.

All of the funds donated to us are tax-deductible and we can give you our non-profit tax id.

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Below are the GoFundMe's for other activists that are pillars of support in community aid projects that we stand behind.

Donate directly to Standing Rock Water Protectors &
 Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund at:

Lee Sprague

We need help to continue providing rescue, security, trailer rental and gasoline costs. Our Water Rescue Team is keeping an eye on camp at night and when actions happen near the water. Our team checks on people during blizzards, supporting them when their structures fall and putting out fires when they happen.

Because of this we have needs for special equipment that doesn't always make it to donations. Specialized gear like snow shoes, night vision goggles, spotlights, waterproof pants jackets, gloves, snowmobiles, etc.

Donate directly to Cold Water Rescue Team

Cold Water Rescue Team Twitter

Canoe Theft Filed Against Morton County Police

Lev Woolf

An inspiring activist who has spent many months at Standing Rock, gentle, articulate and always at work he is the epitome of Ally. He ensured our comfort at Standing Rock- we are proud to call him a Tinker as well.
                     Click here to fund Lev Woolf at Standing Rock Now.
"I am an experienced, peaceful activist, who is going to cook, organize, and take directions from my friends who are 6 weeks on the ground. I am bringing 300lbs of propane, approx 400lbs of locally raised pork, goats, rabbits, and vegetables,  and boxes of cold weather gear.  I am caravaning and camping with three documentary film makers. ...
 These funds will go either directly to the purchase of food, firewood, cooking fuel and other supplies to feed and warm the people at Standing Rock encampment.  Equipment bought for this trip will be left with the camp. 
 If you can attend, and are able bodied, with a adequate understanding of conditions, please instead bring yourselves.
 I thank you, and my community thanks you for standing  for, and with the sacred.

- Lev Woolf"

Lev's Indigogo Campaign